Too many new entrepreneurs suffer needlessly through the process of starting their own business. Frustrated and isolated they stumble along until, overcome by exhaustion they throw in the towel. Don’t be that person, contact me today.

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I would recommend David to anyone. He has been effective, fast, helpful and productive.

Gilan Gork


Dave  is extremely dynamic and has assisted me on many occasions by sharing freely, his advice and knowledge.

Odette Butcher

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about Dave

Dave Henderson is intimately aware of the frustrations experienced by every new entrepreneur.

His journey started with the struggle of working through 6 different jobs in the short space of 8 years. Along the way he began to understand that the problem was not with the work but rather himself. Using simple techniques learned along his entrepreneurial journey Dave was able to successfully start his own business in 2012, permanently walking away from fulltime employment.

After identifying and addressing his workplace woes Dave then encountered a new struggle, one that every new entrepreneur knows well: how to nurture and grow a business in an unsupportive environment. Determined to master the small business mindset Dave shaped what has since become the award-winning MYeBook business, aimed at helping author-entrepreneurs reach new readers globally.

Through the journey of exiting employment and launching his business Dave has learned to embrace struggle and more accurately, to expect it. Through his knowledge he has helped thousands of despondent and isolated entrepreneurs connect to their passion and explode their potential by leveraging the right online tools.

Don’t waste time struggling alone, connect with Dave today.

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